Best Professional Jigsaw Reviews – For Contractors & Industrial Works

If you are a beginner, then a simple jigsaw is good enough for you. But if you are a professional worker, then you need to have the best professional jigsaw.

You can use a regular jigsaw for cutting soft household materials but you must have a professional jigsaw for cutting variety of materials at the same time. It is also quite helpful for making circles and curves.

The best jigsaw for the contractors comes with a powerful motor and good blade compatibility. You can adjust both the T and U shank blades in it to cut any kind of material.

You can easily find a normal jigsaw from the market. But it is quite difficult to sort out a professional jigsaw for you. For this purpose, we have reviewed all the best pieces in this article. You can easily select the best one for you by just going through this simple article.

In a Hurry? Trust us and choose from our top picks.

Our Top Picks

Best Value

Dewalt jigsaw

Dewalt DCS334B

Best Overall



Keep reading this article to get to know everything about all the best pieces available on the market.

Best professional jigsaw reviews 2020

best professional contrcator heavy duty jigsaw

Everything about the best professional jigsaw like specifications, features, pros, and cons have been separately mentioned in this article. You can get the best review of the jigsaw.

Let’s have a look at the list of jigsaws!

Bosch JS572EK ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Makita 4351FCT⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Festool PS 420 EBQ⭐⭐⭐⭐
FESTOOL PS 300 EQ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw – DCS334B (best value)


  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 1.75 x 6.38 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Color: black & yellow
  • Material: Metal
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty
  • Voltage: 20-volts
  • Power source: battery powered
  • Strokes per minute: 3200
  • Style: bare-tool
  • Blade type: T-shank
best professional jigsaw


This 20v XR jigsaw has an efficient brushless motor with good run time and powerful performance.

 Variable Speed trigger and dial 

You can easily control its speed up to 3200 strokes per minute. It is good to get some professional results. You can control its speed while cutting any kind of material.

 Four-position orbital action 

The jigsaw has been equipped with four orbital action settings. Thus, you can cut a variety of materials with this best professional cordless jigsaw.

 Led light 

Led light is available with the jigsaw. You can easily illuminate the dimly lit work surfaces to have a clear cut line.

 Lever-action keyless blade change system 

It is quite easy to change the T-shank blades of the jigsaw. The jigsaw has an updated all-metal keyless blade clamp for the easy installation of the blades.


The show bevel is also adjustable in any direction. You can easily make cuts at 0°, 15°, 30°, and a positive stop at 45°.

 Removable shoe cover 

Most of the best jigsaws are devoid of this feature. It will keep your workpiece safe from unintentional scratches.

 Integrated dust blower 

It is important to get clean results. There is a built-in dust blower to keep all the dust and debris away from your working surface.


It is quite easy to have a proper grip on this jigsaw because it comes in a compact size.

  • Variable speed trigger and dial to control speed easily.
  • Four-position orbital action to cut a variety of materials.
  • Led light is available.
  • Integrated dust blower.
  • Keyless blade changing system.
  • A compact sized jigsaw.
  • Beveling capability.
  • Removable shoe cover.
  • Only T-shank blades are supported.
  • You will get only the tool. Battery and charger are sold separately.

2. Bosch Power Tools professional Jigsaw Kit – JS572EK (amazon’s choice)


  • Dimensions: 9.19 x 4 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Color: blue
  • Material: Metal
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty
  • Voltage: 120-volts
  • Power source: Electric powered
  • Strokes per minute: 3200
  • Style: Top Handle
  • Blade type: T-shank
Bosch Power Tools Jig saw Kit - JS572EK


The Bosch JS 572EK is an excellent choice for making precise cuts with minimum blade deflection. It is best in class with powerful 7.2 Amp motor and variable speed control. Moreover, it is an ideal choice for curve and scallop cutting. Although you can cut a variety of other materials.

 Cut precision 

The jigsaw has been equipped with the precision control II double-roller system. It reduces blade deflection to get precise cuts. It also has a self-adjusting guidance system to adjust according to the varied thickness of the blades. Blade flexing can also be minimized through the second roller.

 Controlled cutting 

A variable speed control dial is available on the jigsaw to set it at maximum speed. Besides speed dial, an accelerator trigger is also available to control its speed.

 Constant response circuitry 

You can maintain the desired speed using constant response circuitry. In this way, you can get consistent performance under load.

 Counterbalancing mechanism 

The jigsaw has an aluminum gearbox, insulated cover, and counterbalancing mechanism for fewer vibrations as much as possible.

 Bevel adjustment 

A large die-cast aluminum footplate is available at the bottom of the jigsaw for a quick and easy bevel adjustment.

 Led light & dust blower 

Led light is available to illuminate the working surface. It also comes with a built-in dust blower to keep the dust away. These things are good to get maximum cut-line visibility.

 One-touch blade changing system 

The jigsaw has a tool-free blade changing system. There is also no need to touch a hot blade due to one-touch blade changing system. It will provide you one-handed blade insertion and blade lever ejection.

 Multidirectional Blade clamp 

The jigsaw also comes with a multidirectional blade clamp to have a good grip on the T-shank blades. It doesn’t support U-shank blades.


The jigsaw features a highly powerful 7.2 Amp motor to deal with any kind of professional work. It can easily handle heavy loads. A powerful motor along with all the other features makes it an excellent choice for the best professional jigsaw reviews list.

  • Powerful jigsaw.
  • One-touch blade changing system.
  • Constant response circuitry.
  • An excellent choice for making some precise cuts.
  • You can make any kind of cuts.
  • Easy and quick bevel adjustment.
  • Led light along with a dust blower for maximum cut line visibility.
  • Controlled cutting easily.
  • Counterbalancing mechanism for lesser vibrations.
  • It doesn’t accept U-shank blades.
  • We need to install it carefully.

3. Makita Barrel Grip JigSaw with L.E.D. Light – 4351FCT (best industrial jigsaw)


  • Dimensions: 14.57 x 3.94 x 13.39 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Color: teal
  • Material: Metal
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Voltage: 120-volts
  • Power source: electric powered
  • Strokes per minute: 2800
  • Style: barrel grip
  • Blade type: T-shank
Makita Barrel Grip- 4351FCT best industrial jigsaw


Makita barrel grip jigsaw is a powerful device with substantially less vibration and noise. It will give you an optimum cutting performance. It comes with a barrel grip design for a closer to work cutting.

 Orbital setting 

This Jigsaw features three orbital settings with a straight cutting capability. You can easily cut a variety of materials.

 Variable speed control dial 

It can run in a range between 800 to 2800 strokes per minute. The electronic speed dial maintains a consistent speed throughout the cutting. You can easily set it according to your requirement.

 Vibration and noise 

This jigsaw produces 40% less vibrations and noise in its class. It is much less as compared to other jigsaw models.

 Cutting capacity 

The stroke length of the blades is almost 1-inch. You can cut woods of 5-5/16 inches at 90° and steel of 3/8 inches at 90°.

 Ease of use 

Jigsaw also features led light and a dust blower. Led light is greatly helpful for illuminating a dimly-lit working surface. Dust blower keeps the surface clean to reduce irritation as much as possible.

 Ergonomic design 

The jigsaw has just a weight of 5.5 pounds. Moreover, there is a rubberized barrel grip for easy portability and to close to the work surface for making more precise cuts.

 Blade changing system 

There is a patented tool-free blade changing system for the quick and easy installation of T-shank blades on the jigsaw.

 Die-cast aluminum base 

For a solid cutting performance, there is a die-cast aluminum base at the bottom of the jigsaw. You can move it up to 45 degrees left or right position and positively stay at 90 degrees. A wrench is also included for fast and accurate bevel adjustment.


Jigsaw has been thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. The manufacturer has also offered 30-days money-back guarantee. You can also replace or refund it. The one-year warranty is being provided for all the tools of the device. You can return the whole device if some issue appears in the later stage.

Overall, it is the best heavy-duty jigsaw for the woodworkers, remodelers, cabinet makers, and general contractors.

  • Vibration and noise-free jigsaw.
  • 3-orbital action settings.
  • Variable speed control dial for controlling speed.
  • A 1-year Warranty is being provided for all the tools of the jigsaw.
  • Tool-free blade changing system.
  • Die-cast aluminum base for solid cutting performance.
  • Good cutting capacity.
  • Ergonomic designed jigsaw.
  • Easy to use jigsaw.
  • Barrel grip design.
  • Anti-splintering device.
  • The case is also available.
  • Six blades are also available along with the jigsaw.
  • It only accepts T-shank blades.
  • It is not compatible with the 220-240 voltage system.

4. Festool Carvex Professional Jigsaw – PS 420 EBQ (heavy duty jigsaw)


  • Dimensions: 4.33 x 11.61 x 15.55 inches
  • Weight: 8.72 pounds
  • Color: black & blue
  • Material: Metal
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty
  • Voltage: 120-volts
  • Power source: electric powered
  • Strokes per minute: 3800
  • Style: Carvex
  • Blade type: T-shank
Festool Carvex- PS 420 EBQ (heavy duty jigsaw)


FESTOOL has established itself as an innovative brand with best professional jigsaws and jigsaw blades. By using FESTOOL jigsaw, you can effortlessly deliver precise cuts like no others. With the combination of the right blade, high-performance motors, and MMC electronics, you can cut through any kind of material.

 Cutting capacity 

You can make a variety of cuts like smooth, perpendicular curves, splinter-free cuts, and sand cuts through this jigsaw.

 Advanced motor technology 

This CARVEX jigsaw has been armed with advanced motor technology. It will not fail while doing any kind of professional work.

 Carbide guidance system 

Blade drifting and deflection is now the thing of past. The jigsaw has a robust blade guidance system to conquer any scribe line or curve with ease. Triple blade reinforcement system with support rods and carbide jaws keep the blade on the line.

 Interchangeable base system 

It features a revolutionary base changing system. It applies to multiple projects. Under this system, you can quickly swap a base from a butter-fly angle to a circle cutting angle. There are also multiple optional base plates for cutting materials like wood, plastic, metal, etc.

 Stroboscopic LED light 

A quad-led stroboscopic system has been fitted in the jigsaw for enhancing the cut-line visibility. It deeply penetrates through dust and darkness. You can enjoy precise cuts with less re-work.

 Splinter-free action 

Splinter guards have been mounted along with the blades. You can easily make splinter-free, ultra-clean cuts without any tear-out.


The jigsaw has a brushless motor and a robust design. You can not only handle tough materials but also the toughest conditions.

 High Speed 

The speed of the blade varies according to the type of the task. It can easily handle the extremely fast speed of 3800 strokes per minute.

 Plug-it power cord 

The cord is detachable while repairing or packing. You can also exchange it with other tools.

 CT dust extractor 

Dust is the most irritating thing you can face while cutting. This jigsaw comes with an advanced CT dust extraction system. You can keep your work dust-free with this technology. In this way, you can maximize both your time and health. It is also HEPA certified extractor. It can easily trap dust at the source to provide you safer, cleaner, and more efficient work site.


Like other FESTOOL devices, a 3-year warranty along with a free shipping facility has also been provided in this jigsaw.

  • Advanced jigsaw with a lot of features.
  • Chip catcher.
  • Splinter guards are present along with the blades.
  • CT dust extractors for cleaner worksites.
  • Durable jigsaw.
  • Powerful jigsaw with maximum speed running capability of 3800 SPM.
  • Plug-it cord power cord system.
  • Advanced motor technology.
  • Carbide guidance system.
  • The interchangeable base system of the jigsaw.
  • Stroboscopic led light to show the dimly lit work area.
  • Good cutting capacity.
  • Standard blades take time to fit in this jigsaw.
  • Only accepts t-shank blades.

5. FESTOOL jigsaw – PS 300 EQ (amazon’s choice)


  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.6 x 4.3 inches
  • Weight: 9.55 pounds
  • Color: black
  • Material: Long Fiber Heavy-Duty Plastic
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty
  • Voltage: 120-volts
  • Power source: N
  • Strokes per minute: 1000-9000
  • Style: bare-tool
  • Blade type: T-shank


FESTOOL jigsaw PS 300 EQ helps increase the efficiency level of your work. It will improve the precision, speed, and productivity of your projects.

 Advanced dust extraction system 

Dust is highly irritating and a waste of time, money, and health. CT dust extractors have been installed in this jigsaw to deal with this problem. It will prevent the dust at the source to give you a cleaner and healthier workspace.


The FESTOOL jigsaw is quite easy to move and store. You can save your valuable time and focus more on your work.


The best professional jigsaw must come with a powerful motor. This jigsaw has a 720watt (6 amp) motor. It is controlled by MMC electronics. You can effortlessly make consistent cuts through most of the materials. You can also make smooth curves, splinter-free cuts, and less sanding with this jigsaw.

 Carbide guidance system 

It is quite difficult to keep jigsaw on course. Blades usually deflect in making curves or cutting hard materials. Re-cutting is time consuming and irritating phenomenon. But FESTOOL jigsaw comes with adjustable carbide-tipped jaws to keep the blade perpendicular to the shoe all the time.

 Zero-clearance splinter guards 

Splinter guards have been inserted in the jigsaw. Blades are mounted on each insert. You can easily make ultra-clean cuts without any splinters.

 Plug-it cord system 

This device has been equipped with a unique plug-it cord system. You can easily detach the power cord from the machine during blade changing, repairing, or storing. Several other FESTOOL devices also use this system. So, you can also share the cord with these tools.

 Variable cut stroke 

There is a variable cut stroke system in the jigsaw. You can make vertical cuts as well as three additional strokes. It will enable the blade to move in a more orbital action for making faster and more aggressive cuts.

 Plastic base plate 

A plastic made base plate has been used in the jigsaw. It will keep the workpiece safe from scratching.

 MMC electronics 

You can feel a soft start and fewer start-up jolts under this system. There will be a constant speed matchable with the strength of the material.

 Fast fix blade changing system 

The fast fix allows the quick and tool-less blade changing system. The fast fix lever keeps the chuck open for easy insertion and removal of the blade.


The manufacturer has also offered a 3-year limited warranty for dealing with the issues that appear at any stage.

  • Advanced jigsaw.
  • Fast fix quick blade changing system.
  • MMC electronics.
  • Carbide guidance system to keep the blades on course.
  • Advanced dust extraction system in the jigsaw.
  • Portable jigsaw.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Zero clearance splinter guards for making ultra clean cuts.
  • Plug-it cord system in the jigsaw.
  • Variable cut strokes capability.
  • Plastic base plate to keep the workpiece safe from scratching.
  • Little-bit heavy jigsaw.
  • Softer materials are difficult to cut.


Important points to consider while buying the professional jigsaw

Infographic guide for buying a professional jigsaw

If you have to take the jigsaw for your normal routine work, then you don’t need to worry about it. You can take any simple jigsaw from the market. Even if you are a beginner in this field, the selection process doesn’t matter much.

But if you are a professional worker or you have to use the jigsaw professionally, then you should look at the features of the jigsaw you are going to buy. In this scenario, some specific points related to the best professional jigsaw have been singled out.

Let’s have a look at them!

  • Motor power

Professionally, you have to cut a lot of hard materials. The machine is also used for an extended period. Thus, you must choose a powerful motor than a normal jigsaw.

  • Speed control dial

This kind of jigsaw must come with a speed control dial. Otherwise, you might face any untoward incident. With a speed control dial, you can set it according to your requirement.

  • Strokes per minute

A jigsaw with more strokes per minute capacity will be more suitable for this purpose. In this way, you can save your time and energy.

  • Blades

The T-shank blade is the most preferred choice for a professional jigsaw. Moreover, the blade changing system must also be not very complex because professionally you have to deal with a lot of work in less time.

  • Portability

Best professional jigsaw must be a portable device as you have to take it to several places. A machine with a carrying case will be more suitable for this purpose.

  • Durability

Jigsaw devices must be durable enough to deal with any kind of tough situation. You have to cut heavy materials in a very inconvenient environment.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best professional jigsaw?

Here we have the list of all the best professional jigsaws

  • DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw—DCS334B (best value)
  • Bosch Power Tools Jigsaw Kit – JS572EK (amazon’s choice)
  • Makita Barrel Grip Jig Saw with L.E.D. Light—4351FCT (best barrel grip jigsaw)
  • Festool Carvex Jigsaw— PS 420 EBQ (advanced jigsaw)
  • FESTOOL jigsaw—PS 300 EQ (amazon’s choice)
How thick can a jigsaw cut through?

Jigsaw works at its best in cutting the wood. The level of its impact varies from soft to hard wood. The thickness of the material is also an important thing to consider. Soft wood with more thickness can be easily cut as compared to hard wood of the same thickness.

What amp jigsaw do I need?

It mainly depends upon the type of the cutting project you are involved in. A corded jigsaw usually comes in a 3 to 8 Amp range. For normal use, you can get 3 to 5 Amp range and for a heavy duty use, you need above 5 Amp jigsaw.


In a nutshell, you must have a closer look at all the best features of the jigsaw like motor amp, strokes per minute, blade guidance system, design, dust extraction system, durability, and portability, if you are looking for a heavy-duty jigsaw. You cannot afford any risk in this case. You might be confused about searching all these things in a jigsaw. For this purpose, we have separately enlisted everything related to jigsaws like its specifications, features, pros, and cons. Have a closer look at this article to get the best professional jigsaw for you.

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