How thick of wood can a jigsaw cut? Tips For Using a Jiigsaw

Jigsaw is a versatile device and relatively safe to use. It is the first power saw which woodworker acquire for cutting purpose. People usually ask a question about its capability like how thick of wood can a jigsaw cut. This article is all about answering this critical question.

Limitations for how thick of wood can a jigsaw cut

The jigsaw has been designed for making curves, circles, or straight cuts in materials like plywood, plexiglass, metal, plastic, lumber, etc. Here we have some of the crucial factors which play a significant role in cutting thick wood using a jigsaw.

  • First of all, the jigsaw cannot cut a wood that is thicker than its blades. As a general rule of thumb, we can say that a jigsaw can normally cut a hardwood if it is 3/4 to 1 inch thick. And for softwood, this thickness increases up to 1.5 inches.
  • The teeth per inch on the blades are also a determining factor what a jigsaw can cut. If a blade has less teeth-per-in, then it can cut thicker wood.
  • The hardness of the material should also be kept in mind while selecting the jigsaw. Harder wood will be difficult to cut as compared to softer wood.
  • The power of the motor is also quite important in cutting thicker wood. The duty on the motor increases while cutting heavy wood.

how thick of wood can a jigsaw cut

How to cut thick wood with the help of a jigsaw?

If you have to cut thick wood, then there are several ways you can adopt to tackle it with the help of the jigsaw. It is quite challenging to cut a thick piece of wood, even with the best jigsaw. Thus, it is the best solution to create a template using a jigsaw and then use a more robust saw possible to make the significant cut. At this stage, you can use a circular saw for more accuracy and precision.

Sometimes, you need to make some fine cuts even in thicker wood. For this purpose, you must use two jigsaw blades. It will prevent flexing and keep the edges straight. This technique is also highly helpful for working in tight spots. In this regard, you must also ensure that you are slowly pushing the jigsaw on the blade. Please don’t use your energies by moving it forward.

You must make sure that you come with a well-supported shaft for this purpose. It will keep the blade safe from breaking or other damages. Keep in mind, you must not force the blade on the wood. It will damage both your cutting machine and the material.

Beware of splitting while cutting thick pieces of wood. The length of the jigsaw blade should be at least 1-inch longer than the wood you are going to cut.


A variety of saws are available for cutting thick pieces of wood. But the jigsaw is a typical cutting machine for cutting things like wood. However, keep one thing in mind that you must use the cutting machine slowly and gradually and pay attention to the type of blade you have put on the jigsaw. Most importantly, always keep the specific jigsaw blade on the hand that is quite good for thick and hardwood.

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