How to cut plywood with a Jigsaw without Splintering

How to cut plywood with a Jigsaw without SplinteringEvery carpenter, professional woodcutter, and DIY worker knows the importance of jigsaw. You cannot imagine furniture preparation or a DIY project without using this tool. It is a handy tool that is quite easy to use. Moreover, it is convenient to make curves or circles with the help of a jigsaw. However, there are also some loopholes while using this saw.

While cutting plywood with a jigsaw, you will face the problem of splintering or tearing. This problem is being faced by both the beginners and the professionals. Now, it has become challenging to cut plywood with jigsaw without splintering. Nevertheless, you cannot say that this is an unresolvable problem. This article is all about how to cut plywood with a jigsaw without splintering.

Reasons for splintering

First of all, you must know the causes of splintering while cutting with the help of a jigsaw. For solving any problem, you must know the reasons for its occurrence. While doing in-depth research, I have come to know that there are four reasons for the occurrence of splintering while doing cutting with a jigsaw. Let’s have a look at these fundamental reasons.

  • You might not be using the right blade for the cutting.
  • There might be some problems with the teeth of the blades.
  • Over or less cutting speed of the jigsaw.
  • You might be trying to wind up your work quickly.

Let’s discuss these problems in little-bit detail to have more know-how about these problems.

  • Wrong blade for cutting plywood

A wrong blade is one of the fundamental reasons behind splintering. In this regard, you must have an in-depth look at the density, quality, and thickness of the blade. A thin blade can give you fine cuts without splintering.  Furthermore, the T-shank blades must also be preferred over U-shank blades.

  • Teeth of blades

You might choose the right blade but could not check the condition of the blades. You must select the new blade for cutting plywood. Other than this, the types of teeth are also important. Generally, there are two types of teeth, downward teeth, and upward teeth. You should use an upward tooth to avoid splintering.

  • Speed of the machine

Both lower and higher speeds are good for cutting plywood. But which one you will choose depends upon your experience. If you are experienced enough that you can easily handle the machine, then you can set it at any speed. Otherwise, you must operate it at a lower speed. Normally, mid to high speed is recommended to keep the plywood safe from splintering.

  • Haste makes waste

Don’t cut plywood in a hurry. In this scenario, you might break the blade and resultantly loss for your material as well as the tool. Thus, keep it slow and gradually follow the marked line to finish your work smoothly.

These are some of the reasons behind the splintering on the plywood while cutting through jigsaw. Here we have some solution to avoid splintering during woodworking.

How to cut plywood with a jigsaw without splintering

We are going to discuss some simple techniques which make the plywood cutting easier, simple, and without splintering. You need to follow these simple tricks to save your plywood from damaging.

  • Splinter guards

Splinter guards for a jigsawUsing splinter guards, you can remove wicker. It is the best thing to do if the tool is not manual. The splinter guards reduce the chance of tearing out for a smooth shape. It is easily accessible as you can easily buy it from any hardware shop. It is also good for making some precise cuts.

  • Masking tape

You must post a masking tape on the board before start cutting. It must be on both the up and downside of the workpiece. It can control the wicker better than splinter guards. If you are uncomfortable with a splinter guard then you must feel free to choose these safeguards against splintering. It also prevents tearing out in the plywood.

  • Engraving

engraving to avoid splinterIt is a manual method. In this method, you simply take a sharp knife and follow the marked line to the etch. For convenience, you can make the marked line deeper. With upward teeth blades, engrave on the top side while with downward teeth blades, engrave on the downward side.

After using these tricks, you are done and you can simply follow these tips to start cutting.

Safety tips while cutting plywood

You must follow some safety tips to avoid any hazards.

  • Use eyewear and dust masks to have protection from flying particles.
  • Don’t push the machine very hard as it could break the blades.
  • Keep the other person away from the jigsaw.
  • Always put new blades for cutting plywood.
  • At the start lubricate the saw.
  • Operate the machine in the dry area as wet moisture might cause a short circuit.


I hope you are now pretty much clear about how to cut plywood with a jigsaw without splintering. In the end, I would suggest if you are a regular plywood cutter, then you must choose the splinter guards or masking option as soon as possible.

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