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jigsaw vs band sawThere are a lot of different saws available in the market for wood cutting and several other projects. Most of these cutting machines have the same functions. But there are some differences in their working principle. The most striking example we can present in this regard is the comparison of jigsaw vs Band saw.  At first glance, these devices seem like the same, but there are some noticeable differences in their form and functions.

However, you may need both of these devices in a workshop, but you need to know the fundamental differences in the working principle of these devices. In this way, you can make the most suitable choice and invest the right tool.

This article will give you an overview of all of your questions related to Jigsaw vs Band saw!

Jigsaw vs Band saw – The Basics

Before abruptly jumping to the differences between these machines, let’s have a look at the core construction and operation of these machines. By knowing the basics of these tools, you can also better understand their differences.

Basics of Jigsaw

basics of a jigsaw

A jigsaw is a hand-held power tool having reciprocating blades powered by an electric motor. When you turn on the machine, the detachable blades come in action and allow the teeth of the blades to cut the material efficiently.

Owing to its hand-held nature, you can easily control this machine and making curves. Being a versatile device, you can make both rough or curved cuts as well as fast or slow cuts. Furthermore, the portability also makes it relatively easy to transfer it from one place to another.

General usage of a Jigsaw

Here we have the common uses of the best jigsaw tool.

Versatility: If you have to make some precise curves, then Jigsaw should be your priority. You can get the best outcome in this regard to this device.

Safe to use: For beginners, it is the best choice as it is relatively easy and safe to operate this device.

Portability: It is very convenient to carry this device from one place to another. Moreover, in a cordless form, there is no need for a cord for power.

Basics of Band saw

basics of a band saw

Band saw resembles Jigsaw at the core of their functions. For instance, the band saws also use reciprocating blades along with an electric motor. However, the blades used in the band saw are thicker than Jigsaw. These are also not hand-held, and you have to mount it on a stationary table for proper usage.

There are also some benefits of this device owing to its shape. For instance, these cutting machines are more stable and provide more reliable cuts due to the even distribution of their blades. These devices also have a working place. Thus, you can make seamless cuts.

General usage of a Band saw

Here we have the widespread usage of the Band saw.

Re-sawing: It means that you can cut the large and thicker timbers into small sections.

Quick and repetitive cuts: If you have to make some cuts in thick wooden piles, then using Band saw you can do it in a single cut.

Meat cutting: Band saw comes with sharp teeth blades, that’s why these are highly suitable for neat meat cutting.

Home and light industry: You can use it for both home and light industry as these machines are equally suitable for wood and metal cutting.

Jigsaw vs Band saw: what are the significant differences between them?

Now, you know the basics of these tools, it’s time to have a look at the significant differences between them. Technically, these differences are noteworthy. Craftsman and Diyer must keep in mind these differences while buying the Jigsaw, which is compatible with their budget and needs. Let’s have a look at these differences.

Weight and size

There is a big difference in the size and weight of these tools. As we have mentioned before, the jigsaws are hand-held tools, and that’s why these are modest in weight and resultantly in size. Jigsaws also come in two corded and cordless forms, and that’s why the weight also fluctuates from one state to another.

On the other hand, the Band saw always comes in big size and resultantly heavyweight. You can only use it by placing it somewhere before. These devices, most of their life, are operated from the same place. Some portable band saw are also now available in the market. Still, these devices are much heavier than a jigsaw.


These tools also quite different from each other when it comes to the scale of their utilization. For instance, the jigsaws are typically used for smaller jobs like cutting wood planks of standard width. These are also more suitable for making curves in the material.

On the other hand, band saws are utilized for cutting large pieces in a single pass. It also comes with a worktable and rollers for seamless blades movement. It may not be suitable for cutting curves but are positively useful for cutting thick workpieces.

Types of blades

Both of these devices also use dramatically different blades for cutting purposes. Jigsaw blades are usually mounted at a single point while Band saw blades are mounted at various points within a unit. There is also a difference in tooth arrangement on the blades. Jigsaws usually have a varied tooth arrangement while band saws come with a uniform tooth arrangement.


There is also a vast difference in the price of these tools. Owing to their small size, the jigsaws tend to be more affordable. Usually, they cost between 60 to 200 dollars. We have also reviewed the best jigsaws under 100$, you can have a look.For Band saw, you need to make a significant investment. You can take it at the lowest in 200 dollars. But for high durability and quality, you need to invest 500 to 1000 dollars.

Which one should you take?

If you are looking for high precision, then Jigsaw is the most optimum choice for you. Moreover, if you have to work somewhere inside of the piece or making curves, then Jigsaw is the most suitable device for you. It is also relatively easy to operate this device. Even a novice without having woodworking experience can efficiently run this device safely.

On the other hand, if you have to make some quick, long, and thicker cuts, then Band saw will serve you very well because these saws come with wider and strong blades. These blades are also highly reliable in terms of their motion.


Both of these tools have their benefits, utilization, price, portability, feasibility, etc. Overall, we can say that both of these devices are good in a particular scenario and situation. Sometimes you need one device, and sometimes you need others. Thus, you cannot downplay one tool at the expense of another. First, you need to have a look at your needs and then estimate your budget with the device you need.

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