Different Types Of Jigsaws And Their Positive And Negative Features

types of jigsawsThere are mainly two types of jigsaws, corded and cordless. Corded jigsaws are electrically powered machines. You have to give a proper electricity connection to operate this machine. Cordless jigsaws run with the help of a battery. As you don’t have to give an electricity connection, that’s why no cord is attached with this tool. There is also one another rarely used jigsaw. It is called a pneumatic jigsaw. To operate this tool, we use compressed air. Let’s briefly discuss these various types of jigsaws.

Types of Jigsaws – Briefly Explained

Below we have discussed each type of jigsaw along with its differences and similarities to other categories of jigsaws. Also what type of jigsaw will be suitable in what conditions.

  1. Corded jigsaw

corded type of jigsaw

Most of the jigsaws come in corded form. You have to give electricity connection to operate these machines. Owing to the constant supply of power, these devices work without interruption and more reliable than other types of jigsaws. These machines also have more power than cordless tools. Corded jigsaws are available in the range between 400W to 900W. Powerful motors having a 5 to 7 Amp range are attached with this jigsaw.

Moreover, these are also lightweight tools as there is no battery attached to this cutting tool. Thus, you can conveniently use it for a long time. Corded jigsaws come with a lower price tag so they are also a good option for people on a budget.

You have to face some loopholes along with the benefits. Like, the cord will continuously disturb and you have to select your position according to the side of the electricity connection. Furthermore, the jigsaw will be unable to operate if there will be no electricity.

  1. Cordless jigsaw

cordless jigsaw

Cordless jigsaws are also quite popular nowadays. In recent years, a lot of cordless jigsaw models have come into the market. As there will be no power cord attached to this tool, you can enjoy great freedom of movement while operating this device. Cordless jigsaw is also a portable device. You can take it anywhere you like as there will no restriction of the power cord. These are highly suitable for working in confined spaces.

The power of this cordless machine depends upon the voltage range of its battery. It usually comes in the range between 12 to 36 volts. These models come with lithium-ion rechargeable 1.5 to 5 ah batteries. On the downside, these tools are not powerful enough as compared to the corded jigsaw. Other than this, these tools are also heavier as the battery also fits inside the casing of this cutting machine.

  1. Pneumatic jigsaw

pneumatic jigsaw - air pressure jigsaw

Pneumatic jigsaw is normally used by professionals because of their constant connection with compressed air. Moreover, pneumatic jigsaws are also extremely powerful and expensive tools. As far as the weight is concerned, these are lightweight tools that have a self-cooling mechanism to make them safe from overheating. These are normally used for doing some heavy-duty work like cutting metals, fiberglass, etc. If you want to highlight its loopholes then I think there is only one loophole in this device that it is an expensive tool.

Safety tips for the usage of different types of jigsaws

Some safety tips are necessary to deal with these aggressive tools. Let’s have a look at some of these tips.

  • Don’t use it in a wet environment. These are electrically powered devices and there are chances of electric shocks while working in a wet environment. This thing is bad for both workers and machines. Thus, you should only use it in a dry, cover, or protected environment.
  • There is also a possibility of fire while using this jigsaw. Excessive flow of power can lead to fire eruption. To operate it safely, we use an RCB circuit breaker in it. Thus, don’t connect it with the non-RCB circuit ever.
  • The laceration is a common threat while using the jigsaw as your hands will be very close to the blades while operating it. For safety, you must wear gloves and other accessories before operating this device. Moreover, you should also use sharp blades as the dull blades are more susceptible to kickbacks.
  • Other than gloves, you should also use all the personal protective equipment before coming in connection with this tool like resistant goggles, face masks, etc.
  • You must be properly aware of the types and working of the blades you are going to use in the jigsaw. With this, you can have better control over the tool and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Keep the blades well lubricated for cleaner cutting.
  • If the blade fails to cut in the first attempt of the cutting, then don’t force it in the stubborn materials. Reverse it and try again softly and gradually.


All the types we have discussed are good in their capacity. You cannot prefer one thing over another. All the devices have unique specifications and features. You just need to match your requirements with these tools and select the most suitable for you.

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